News 02/06/2018

2 New records will come out this year. Joie is in the studio taking old solo acoustic punk songs from various solo records and putting full band arrangements to them. They will be called The Last Rockstar Volume 1 and Volume 2. He is recording 22maybe 24 songs. Stayed tuned for the track listing. Also there might be a covers record in the fall…








News 01/26/2018

Long time no see..Thers has been a lot going on behind the scenes here. Almost demoed 50 songs. You can hear snippets on the instagram page

Also there are some choices that need to be made. Either hit the road or hit the studio to put out a new record

New Mastered versions of the old studio records are back up on Bandcamp. We tore down all the iTunes albums except for a couple


News 04/10/2017

News 03/24/2017

Spotlight of Joie in Huffington Post on the process of songwriting.

The Power of Writing Music

A Review of Letters home


News 03/12/2017

News 02/10/2017

Joie has been working on new music for Dead Blonde Girlfriend and is in the process of looking for a studio to get it all done.. He is looking to have new music by the summer. Also check the social media sites for frequent updates and shows.. Be it band or solo



With the success of love letters and Suicide notes, Joie is doing solo show to promote the record and play new material for an up coming project.. Check the gig page for shows and go to for day to day updates


The second single off the Dead Blonde Girlfriend record is Hello Goodbye Girl. The video is below. Joie played a solo sho in NYC at the sidewalk cafe in July to old friends and fans. There might be a couple of solo shows in Los Angeles and maybe a band show. Future Wax Records is deciding what the next single/video will be. So Stay Tuned..

News- 06/06/2016

The new video from the new Dead Blonde Girlfriend record is here for you to see. Scroll down for how to get the record or pre order the cd.


News- 05/20/2016


The New Dead Blonde Girlfriend record is being released 6/06/16 entitled Love Letters & Suicide Note. It will be released by Future Wax Records. There is a limited edition CD for 15.00 that comes with some badges, a surprise and a t-shirt. Also you get a track that won’t be released on iTunes entitled Letters Home xy. Click the Buy it now and we will take care of the rest. The New website for Dead Blonde Girlfriend goes live 6/1/16. Lots of interviews coming up to explain where I have been these many years and what is coming next

News- 04/28/2016

Stay Tuned


News- 01/28/2016

Just a quick update on all joie Blaney/Dead Blonde Girlfriend happenings. The last Rockstar will see the light of day this year sometime. With the sad passing of David Bowie and the artwork of his last record Blackstar is very similar to the poster for The Last Rockstar, so we are designing new artwork for the record. For more info and special updates on the record go to a special website dedicated to the record the last There  will be a special Letters Home ep released through Future Wax Records. It will be entitled X&Y/XY. More info will be provided as the release date gets closer. Last and but not least, Joie will be doing a duet with The Dust Warrior on his track Sisyphus Tina. It will be released on February 5, 2016. Also the Lost and Found record has 14 songs all demoed and ready to go.


This is the fall update for Joie Blaney and Dead Blonde Girlfriend. There has been some changes in the release of new music. The last Rockstar has been postponed until further notice. We have some great opportunities for that record, so we will wait to release it. It is still in the mix down stage. Also the writing for Get Well Soon is still going strong. We have some preproduction demos and they sound great. Some of the working titles are Don’t Get Me Wrong, I Shadow, Sign of the Times, Forever in a Day, Get Well Soon, Love Alone,Story of Us, House of Cards, and Wonder of it All. It will be a full band record with strings and piano and big big guitars. There is also a covers record in the making. Still no shows as of yet due to health reasons. But you never know.  Have a great fall and we will see you in the winter.


Welcome to the Summer Update and news. If you have been following the blog you will know that Joie went in for spine surgery and is recuperating nicely. Writing songs for the record that will come out in 2016. The working title for the 2016 record is called Get Well Soon.  But it is too soon to give any more details than that. The real news is that he is mixing the record that will come out this year. The Last Rockstar will come out in the fall. It will be a mix of band songs and solo songs. We are not sure how or where it will be released.  Keep checking the blog for more updates and last minute thoughts and rants. Have a great summer and we shall see you in the fall


Welcome to the new improved Wonderful World of Joie.

Those who have been long time fans will be happy to know that there will be a daily or almost Daily Blog here starting May 1 2015.There is a lot and we mean a lot of stuff going on. We have convinced joie to blog about it. There will be tons of surprises in store for old and and new fans alike.

The music page is up and running. You can buy music on iTunes or Bandcamp. All albums on the band camp site are 5 bucks except the live records. They are free. Click on the band camp player to purchase. And if you want to purchase music on iTunes click the cover of the record you want to buy and do it to it.

Wander around the site and let us know what you think.

This page will be updated every season change, so if you want a daily dose of Joie follow the blog. Send questions and be true to you.