LIP_081226_OTS_0060“Acoustic-punk Demagogue “

The New Yorker

“Joie Blaney’s punk folk anthems of heartbreak and redemption embody the emboldened approach of antifolk and the unflinching honesty that is its ethos. Clad in black leather leather and armed with fierce hooks and heart-on-sleeve tales, Blaney sings of “looking for the answers to the questions never heard.”
Grammy Magazine

“Joie Blaney, of the band Dead Blonde Girlfriend, had a sensitive lyric touch that belied his punk-rock look and attack. With something of Paul Westerbergs heart-on-sleeve rock swagger, Mr. Blaney also had a stage presence that is rare.”
The New York Times

“Dark truthful lyrics and melodies comes alive with the softness in his vocals and wit in his words,his talents are exploding explorations that will grow richer in his blossoming musical tapestries ”
LA Indie Music Examiner

“Dead Blonde Girlfriend, an energetic and smart band fronted by the antifolk survivor Joie Blaney ”
The New Yorker

“He sings his songs with the soul of a poet and with the voice of a cement mixer. He writes from the heart. He writes honestly and never once complains. Never once sounds like Livejournal poetry. Never once falters. Like all true artistic anomalies, Joie Blaney, under the guise of Joie Dead Blonde Girlfriend, is a genius. ”

“Punk as Fuck”
Village VoiceLIP_081226_OTS_0048

“About as punk as you can get, essentially smart pop, yet his unsentimental worldview, lyrical and performance honesty are quintessentially punk – which he somehow makes refreshing.”
Pasadena Weekly

“A cross between a younger and more handsome version of Joey Ramone, Trent Reznor or Iggy Pop with jet black hair fusing folk, blues, country, punk and bad-ass-ness into his own brand of rock ‘n’ roll..”
Orlando City Beat

“Overwhelmingly honest. It’s not rockstar emotion by numbers. He is a fucking genius. Grand statement? Yes, obviously. But it’s so true. This guy is excellent!”
Careless Talk Costs Lives

“Antifolk’s punkiest exponent, Joie/DBG delivers attitudinal, acoustic punk vignettes with a gruff voice and aggressive guitar action. His song “Bleecker Street” explains the anti in antifolk.”
Time Out London

“Hovering between the comical and the anguished his song intros bordered on stand up, and his Iggy like energy wrenched emotion through enormous eyelined brown eyes. He has the ability to write lyrics that pinch you, Funny and honest, angry and sad, songs explode intense and intent, you have to watch him.”

“A Dave Van Ronk type of songster able to get truly meaningful in his songs”
N.J Coast News

“New York anti-folk heroes wear cynical paeans on their sleeve like black hearts cooked for the audience”
CMJ 2001


“His guttural crooning sounds sweet, charged with his trademark mix of isolation and hope, which truly must be experienced”
Shout Magazine

“Local favorite Antifolk, acoustic punk performer Joie/DBG frantically strums his acoustic guitar, sings gruffly and is made to be heard in a bar in an adequately lubricated state”
Time Out New York

“Raspy-voiced punk performer”
Baltimore City Paper

“Smashing performance in the punk-folk genre”1459905_664783146875888_1911141183_n
The Aquarian

“He can do 8 songs in 2 minutes he plays pretty fast”
WBAI radio